Benefits of Buying a CCTV For Home

Benefits of Buying a CCTV For Home
Buying a CCTV for home can help you enforce your property’s safety and security procedures.
You can also use CCTV footage as evidence to support insurance claims. Traditional CCTV
systems rely on a cable to connect cameras and a recording device to a router sg cctv. Power over
ethernet cable provides both power and internet connection in one cable, making installation and
setup easier and more tidy. This type of cable also offers a more stable and reliable connection
than wireless signals.

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Wireless cctv cameras
One of the biggest benefits of using wireless CCTV cameras for home security is that you won’t
have to worry about a connection to the internet. While web-connected cameras require you to
pay monthly or yearly fees to access footage on a cloud service, wireless cameras are
completely free to use. They also don’t rely on home power, so they can keep working even
during a blackout.
Night vision
Adding night vision to a CCTV for home security system can make a difference in the overall
protection of your property. Since many burglaries and attempted break-ins take place at night, it
is critical to have a security system that can record activity in real time. While a security system
that lacks night vision will not be as effective in detecting movement, a night vision camera can
capture images in color.

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Two-way audio
Using two-way audio with a security camera is a great way to give your family peace of mind.
You can listen in on conversations, tell your delivery man or dog to stay away, and even issue
verbal warnings to burglars if you feel unsafe. While most security cameras have video and
audio capabilities, two-way audio allows you to talk directly to someone in the camera’s viewing
The cost of CCTV installation will vary by system type and number of cameras. An entry-level
system includes four 2-megapixel cameras and a four-channel 1080P DVR. Mid-range systems
include eight 3-megapixel cameras and eight 10-channel 1080P DVRs. These systems are
generally installed by a professional and have a two-year warranty on the parts and labor. The
cost of CCTV installation can be as low as $70 per camera and can be done yourself for around

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